Kendra Rubinfeld is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University's Masters in Communications Program with concentrations in Corporate and Nonprofit Communication.  She has worked with clients ranging from producers, entrepreneurs, physicians, musicians, nonprofits, filmmakers and historic landmarks.  With a background in community activism, her passion for relationship building and bringing people together is evident in all of the projects on which she works. Her interest in PR began with the Our City Film Festival, which she started in 2008 as an outreach program for a local nonprofit.  Utilizing her press relations and event management skills, she witnessed how public relations made her idea a reality.  Shortly after, she founded KRPR to help others witness the satisfaction of watching their business grow with the powers of PR. In her spare time, Kendra brushes up on her Italian, crosses a new 14th Street restaurant off her list, and takes long, slow runs in the neighborhood.  [email protected]

Kendra Rubinfeld Public Relations (KRPR) is a PR and marketing firm dedicated to creating platforms from which their clients can grow.  What makes us different?  Because we are a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on authentic, meaningful relationships with clients.  We take on projects in which we have sincere interest and use our heartfelt passion toward the job at hand.  Because of this, we have earned a reputation amongst our colleagues in the press and media for promoting interesting, meaningful, and high-quality projects, programs, products and brands.  Small overhead, years of building trusted relationships, and passion for the work trickle down to our clients with competitive fees, efficient productivity and an energized attitude.



Travis Hare first realized his passion for public relations while booking shows and building a substantial following for his college rock band. He honed his craft for writing at the University of Kansas with a degree in English and Creative Writing.  After graduating college he moved to Washington, DC and helped write an early education curriculum geared toward closing the achievement gap. Once again he saw the power of PR as the curriculum spread across the District and then the nation. Before joining KRPR, Travis worked as a freelance journalist, building a deep understanding of how media can be utilized by businesses and entrepreneurs to build their brand. Since joining, he has had the deep satisfaction of seeing how strong messaging and creative strategies can help small businesses grow. In his free time Travis enjoys travel, food, writing, and reading novels. And while the band is no longer, he still occasionally rocks out (in his living room). [email protected]

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